Dedication to Dad (Charles A. Makin)

This site is in dedication to my father, Charles A. Makin.  He went to be with God on October 31, 2003. 

Dad had gone into the hospital on September 12, 2003 with severe head pain and gaps in his memory.  The doctors quickly determined that he had a mass on his brain.  They performed a biopsy, and the results came back that he had glioblastoma.  This is the most common brain tumor, and is also the worst.  It has no cure, and doubles in active cells every seven days.  The doctor told us that he would have 6-12 months with radiation and chemo treatments, and 6-8 weeks without.

Dad chose to have quality of life over quantity, and came home a week later.  He spent a full five weeks at home before being called to heaven.  During that time, he was visited by those that love him dearly, and was able to witness what an impact his life has made to others.

The following pictures were arranged into a slide presentation for Dad’s funeral.  We played a song with it, called “In All Things” by the Goads.  Mom and Dad had sung this a couple weeks earlier at church.  The text preceding the pictures was at the beginning of the slide show.  It was taken out of a journal that my father was keeping.  The purpose of the journal was to help him remember what he had done during the day, and also served to remind him of how he was feeling about what was happening.



Thursday, Oct. 16, 2003

   It’s 6:15AM and I have woken up clearer of mind than I can remember in a long time. I believe that the fact that I am so clear of mind and able to write as I am at this moment May be of some significance. (God’s answering prayer?)

   To say the least, I Believe I’m a wee bit excited. Now, whether I’ll remember writing This or not is another story. All I know for sure is, God’s not done with me yet. He still has plans for me, and who am I to say no to Him.

    Thank you Lord for everything. And if memory serves me correctly, “Thank you Lord for all Your unspeakable gifts”

– written by Charles A. Makin

  In Loving Memory
Charles A. Makin
May 28, 1948 – October 31, 2003