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Paramount Parks : Kings Island – Lara Croft Stunt Show

Lara Croft Stunt Show

On July 15, following the Look-a-Like contest was the opening of the first Lara Croft Stunt show that would be performing to promote Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.

When we were let in to sit down, I couldn’t believe how small the set was. It opens with Lara entering via zip line over the audience. She is aiding the professor to solve a puzzle with seven keys or gems. This unlocks priceless treasure to only a person pure of heart. While Lara and the professor are discussing how they will execute the puzzle, there is a security guard checking the grounds of the site. The task becomes more complicated as bandits make an unwanted appearance. The brains (or lack there of) behind the henchmen are revealed to be the security guard. He unveils himself as the greedy Fly-boy Eric the Horrible. With lust for only money (and maybe his own looks), Lara struggles to come out on top. This stunt show does an excellent job in combining martial arts, motorcycle stunts, special effects, gymnastics, humor, and of course Lara’s own two fisted shooter action. The character of Lara Croft was played by America Young. Of course you have Eric the Horrible, Cybil, and the Bravo Team (three male bandits). I wish I could remember what the names of the other stunt performers were. If you have this information please feel free to contact me.

I had the chance to talk to America. I asked her what she would say to someone if they really wanted to get into stunt work. This has been something I really wanted to do, ever since I saw the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular in Disney World, Florida. It never mattered to me what character I would portray. I thought I would share what advice she gave to me. “I highly recommend gymnastics and martial arts. I think this is a really great job to have. It is a lot of work, but it is so much fun.” America, if you are reading this: Thank you!